mindful moms

Weekly mothering discussion & meditation circle for mothers of all ages & stages.

Mondays at 7pm


 Changing Tides Psychotherapy & Wellness

124 Long Pond Road, Plymouth


$10 weekly suggested donation (drop-ins welcome)

Smiling Teen Boy

mindful self-care for teens

Teens today encounter more challenges and opportunities today than ever before. Having to navigate between family, school, friends, work, other responsibilities and make time to check in with ourselves can be tricky.

This six week workshop explores these tensions and guides participants through fundamental practices for living a life that is aware, authentic, and connected.

Beginning October 1st


Changing Tides Psychotherapy & Wellness

124 Long Pond Road, Plymouth


intro to meditation

Learn how to begin and maintain a meditation practice. 

Best suited to beginners or those who are looking to reestablish their personal practice.

Topics covered will include basics of focusing on our breathing, how to determine when and how long to meditate, and ways you can keep your practice consistent.

September 18th


Kingston Recreation Department


It’s a mala wearing.jpg.jpg.jpgsuper ear

mala making

A mala is a string of at least 108 beads that are used in a meditation practice. It is a tool to help you count mantras, and acts as a tactile guide as you sit in silence.


Make your mala and learn how to use it in your personal practice.

All materials included.


September 13th



Kingston Recreation Department




community meditation group

Drop-in, donation based meditation circle.

Monday Mornings


Nelson Park


$5 suggested donation

Mindful kids classes coming in September

mindful kids

Geared towards children in grades K-3, they'll learn about a wide variety of ways to use mindfulness.


We'll practice breath based meditation & mindful movement, learn about how to practice mindful eating, and how practicing empathy and kindness towards others can make an impact on our lives too.


Every week will include a craft and snack that are in line with the theme.




(space limited to 10)